5th March 2013

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I figured there must be something connecting rock music, racing, and the devil, so I put them together in this themed post. One interesting detail was the slight redesign of the devil creature in the re-release of Fireball(!). They made him more Marvel superheroish.

They also changed how the game played for the worse in the Fireball remake. The flippers on the original were really small, but you could get a powerup to move them close together. If you hit the wrong spot, it would move them apart again, making it harder. It was fun trying to keep them close and secure.

Well, this is the final post in my National Pinball Museum series. May you rest in piece, NPM. I’ll miss you.

Part 1 - Intro, and 1940’s,50’s,60’s,70’s
Part 2 - Sci-fi
Part 3 - Street Fighter II: Champion Edition
Part 4 - Miscellaneous
Part 5 - Source art
Part 6 - Rock, Devils, and Driving

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    Goddamn, I love pinball. Thankfully the arcade near me has a Getaway table.
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