2nd December 2012

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For a while, Atari was including mini-comics with games. Some comics had to do with the specific series, but most were “Atari Force” (1982), a team of multicultural future people who are REALLY into Atari. I can’t help but to love this. I also wonder if they included the Indian with the enlarged red bindi on his forehead because it’s similar to the red button on Atari joysticks. It was the early 80’s, so I’m going to assume yes. Martin Champion, the leader of the group, won three gold metals in the 1996 Olympics. Yeah, not as far into the future as you thought, is it?

This team was redesigned completely for volume 2, when DC turned it into a legitimate comic rack comic.

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30th November 2012

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Batman: Arkham Asylum. Character Designs. 

Art by¬†Carlos D’Anda.

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5th July 2012

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Star Gladiator 2 on the Sega Dreamcast

Star Gladiator 2 on the Sega Dreamcast

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26th May 2012

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The Japanese release of Sega Rally 2 for Dreamcast

The Japanese release of Sega Rally 2 for Dreamcast

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